It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not many people are beauty queens or handsome blokes. But to some, they may look so, and to others, a different person can look beautiful. It all depends on how you look at an individual. However anyone would like to be seen as “beautiful” in everyone’s eyes.


A holistic approach


Remember that the “beauty” you must pursue is not only in the face. If you have a fit body that also can help for one to see you as extraordinary. Young people diet and go to gym; but some complain after so much of dieting and visiting the gym, we are still the same size! This is because you are following something just due to others doing it and not with a proper understanding. When you are choosing a gym or a diet plan, first inspect your body and life style. If your job makes you do heavy-work such as a lot of running and walking around, brining stuff, lifting things etc. then what you should and should not eat, and how long you must spend in the gym differ from a guy who sits and works at his computer all day. Some persons who do a desk job try the same diet as a very heavy person; this can lead to dire consequences. Some skip breakfast because they think they are “fat”, that is a cardinal sin to avoid.

Care for your body


You don’t have to go to the gym to have as shapely body. There are a million other things that can be done such as working out at home, walking or running, swimming and many more. Even some mind-and-body activity such as yoga can be followed. Mind does need to be in on this as you will have to take in to heart that you are going to change. If there is one thing that humans can’t stand, it is change. So just making the face look nicer with make-up is not sufficient for a truly beautiful persona; you need to think and decide what aspects must be changed in your day-to-day life, to hit the target in your head.

External help


There are many surgeries and medical procedures to remove fat, change the body shape to look like a model and measures to make eyes standout such as eyelid surgery Singapore. Whilst some of these are harmless, some can have side effects that might be not so favourable. However eyelid operations alter skin externally hence that is a safer procedure than most. Also even though you can work out to change the body shape etc. for eyes, you must seek medical help as it is the way you are born with.


Everyone has some type of a beauty and anyone can be even more beautiful. Be conscious of what you follow and make wise decisions on our journey to be so.