Hedges are often used to signify boundaries and separate your property or land. Hedges can also be shaped depending on what type they are and how much they have grown out. Well maintained hedges give your garden a classier and up kept look, it can also become a hobby for those who enjoy gardening by giving them the chance to try out topiary, the art of clipping and trimming trees and hedges into all sorts of shapes of animals and objects. Just as hedges can be useful, if not maintained they can also grow out to be troublesome and uncontrolled. Here are a couple of ways you can maintain your hedges.

How to prune your hedges

When it comes to maintaining your hedges there are a couple things you must take a look at before doing so; the type of shrub (deciduous or evergreen), whether its young or mature shrub, the reason you are trimming and during which season you are trying to prune it in. Each of these factors affects how you prune the shrub. For example if you are trimming it to only maintain the neatness of the hedge it is important you only trim the outer growth of it, and if the hedge is still young, you must ensure to avoid cutting off more than a few inches as it will affect the growth of the new shrub but this would not apply to a more mature shrub. The best time to prune your shrubs is during mid to late summer season as this gives the hedge enough time to grow back out by winter.

Getting Professional Help

Trimming needs to take place in intervals as maintenance of hedges and shrubs, no matter how beautiful is tough work to retain. It is always best to turn to a landscaping company such as Jims Mowing in Melbourne, to help you get a good start with enough understanding to maintain your hedges and topiary.

These types of companies can provide support by giving you enough space for you to come up with your own idea of how you want to trim your hedges, whether its to simply maintain it or whether to get into topiary. With professional help, you can get advice on how to look after the plant, maintain it and to understand how to trim it, of course, if you are an experienced and passionate garden, with the above information it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out caring for hedges. But it never hurts to get professional help in maintaining certain types of plants and gardens.